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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Culture of the grim

Culture of the grim


James Bredin

Donít ask him Ďbout his daddy because he doesnít know,
Lives with his mommy in their hi rise welfare ghetto,
But lots of half brothers and half sisters and friends,
That and rap music with guns and money to spend.

More than a few of his friends have already been shot,
No big deal on the dance floor or some back parking lot,
They had lots of money without an education,
But wouldnít move from their drug-dealer location.

Being shot doesnít bother him because he is brave,
Two girlfriends pregnant but this is how heroes behave,
He and his friends pass the time in and out of jail,
The lenient system -- on parole or making bail.

Itís the cops, the system and Americans at fault,
Heard it on the radio and this is what heís been taught,
And no one dare complain because this is his culture,
Politically correct government multiculture.

His cell phone tells him where his enemies are,
Better they get shot first at some night club or bar,
The cops know nothing though they pretend that they do,
Being interviewed on TV but they donít have a clue.

Five of his ghetto friends were shot last year,
He knows the shooters so they have lots to fear,
He is going to get them before they get him,
Itís an eye for an eye in the culture of the grim.

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