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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Close Down the UN

Close Down the UN


James Bredin

The list of dictator representatives is long,
At the UN where their cartel is extremely strong,
Politically correct so you canít do a thing,
They have their agenda while we fly on one wing.

These warlords of corruption are sometimes replaced,
By other corrupt dictators just as two faced.
Investigations at the UN have now been forbidden,
Oil-for-food scandal shredded and Swiss Accounts hidden.

Environmentalists of the Kyoto Accord scream,
Americans and Australians not on this odd team,
India and China of course have all been excused,
Canada will pay developing nations and be abused.

The adscam corrupt Liberals did it long ago,
And we will now have to pay with lots of tax dough,
Canada has been cursed with these politicians from hell,
Taxed, spent and travelled and their souls they would sell.

So letís get together and close the UN down,
Bulldozers to push it into the East River and drown,
Send corrupt dictators back to where they belong,
Find someone to write a nice going-away song.

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