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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Immigrants

Canadian Immigrants


James Bredin

They want a million more immigrants by tomorrow,
To vote for them in three years much to our sorrow,
Immigrants on welfare can vote just the same,
Politically correct but this they wonít proclaim.

Especially unmarried mothers from far far away,
To multicultural ghetto buildings in decay,
Political propaganda broadcast everywhere,
And we are a flock of sheep being led here and there.

Refugees canít be deported because they have rights,
To shoot each other in fights almost every night,
Just because heís a terrorist doesnít mean a thing,
If he/she might vote socialist or left wing.

Security doesnít count because weíre so polite,
Canít send them home in any outbound flight,
Cruel and unusual punishment the UN says,
But the UN itself doesnít care who pays.

Symptoms of mental illness in this indirectness,
Their lust for power by political correctness,
Where opposition tends to whistle in the wind,
The adscam guys are pure and have never sinned.

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