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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Flat Tax

Canadian Flat Tax


James Bredin

Our tax system is complicated and outdated,
Worse than that; its been hated since it was created,
Were taxed to the eyes and its extremely complex,
As they tax and spend some more for adscam projects.

And we obediently file our annual returns,
But status quo politicians show no concerns,
And those who want to fix the system are scorned,
Quietly forgotten while the people are warned.

And flat tax is forbidden, these politicians say,
We need more than half your income so you better pay,
Their arrogance and gestures as they never do a thing,
Our extortionate system will stay and the sting.

Because they are up near god and can do what they like,
And without term limits they can stay there for life,
Our economy means nothing to lifelong politicians,
Refuse to pay down the national debt in these conditions.

As businesses for profit like to go elsewhere,
The US, China, Europe where they can see and compare,
As Canadian nightmare taxes forever increase,
As special-interests and lobbyists get the grease.

Staying in power is the name of the game,
Hidden information, immigrants and no ones to blame,
Buy Quebec with even more equalization money,
But no flat tax and were advised that this is funny.

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