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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canada needs referendums now

Canada needs referendums now


James Bredin

Canada was once a land of loyalists, my friend,
Fought patriotic wars to amend or defend,
And then we got the Trudeau/Chretien Charter of Rights,
For incoming terrorists who arrive every flight.

But you didn’t know and they never even told you so,
As they go all the way to the Supreme Court dog show,
Liberal appointees, there till they’re seventy five,
Decide whatever they like in their Charter and thrive.

No need to waver on what is right or what is wrong,
Democracy has nothing to do with who will belong,
Or who’s son or daughter will be killed in an abortion,
Or same sex and polygamy in equal proportion.

Old fervent fanaticism has now been reimposed,
On us, for the newly arrived multicultural horde,
Who may be inclined to riot if they don’t get their way,
As their numbers and votes increase day by day.

Should I apologize for even telling you this?
Or should we have binding referendums like the Swiss?
Or bow our heads to the new dictatorial god?
No need to think - just give a silent little nod?

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