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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canada coping with Kyoto Accord

Canada coping with Kyoto Accord


James Bredin

Our economy linked to the Kyoto Accord,
The United Nations guys donít care what we can afford,
Because their developing countries will have it made,
Chretien locked us in during his mad left-wing crusade.

Head of the adscam Liberal politicians,
Dictatorial rule in scandalous conditions,
And Kofiís UN job is very soon up for grabs,
Better than going to jail or driving Toronto cabs.

Dictatorial friends now called developing nations,
That gives them a right to claim Kyoto donations,
And their Swiss bank accounts will jump by leaps and bounds,
They donít care if itís in rupees, marks, euros or pounds.

Because the taxpayers will never be informed,
Where the money ends up or how it performed,
And Saddamís UN oil-for-food scandal was all a lie,
Paper shredders and evidence vanished in the sky.

George Bush and the Americans are not in on this,
The Australians too say they are going to miss,
And India and China have all been excused,
Why are we the only ones to seem to be confused?

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