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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Can#t Criticize Kyoto

Can#t Criticize Kyoto


James Bredin

Will we sacrifice our economy for Kyoto goals?
Have our politicians gone out and sold their souls?
Have they lost their minds as they stand and criticize?
Blame the Americans and try to polarize.

Thump their chest and blame everyone but themselves,
Vote for them and we have no one to blame but ourselves,
Are we so blind we can’t read the writing on the wall?
Global warming is natural and beyond our call.

Geology reveals that it happened many times before,
As our blind politicians use it to try and score,
The sky might fall tomorrow so we have to vote for them,
Otherwise they’ll huff and they’ll puff and they’ll condemn.

The Americans are not going along on this,
And China and India are getting a UN kiss,
But our bonehead politicians belong to this cult,
And we’re all being dragged along as a result.

For a left-wing ideology that sounds so great,
That can’t be discussed and we’ll have no debate,
No referendums or recall for politicians,
And no jobs in conditions without emissions.

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