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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Callous Corrupt Adscam Politicians

Callous Corrupt Adscam Politicians


James Bredin

"Forget adscam," the Liberals always say,
Itís the economic record that should hold sway,
Not the taxing and spending and traveling here and there,
Forget Shawinigate or HRDC despair.

Politically correct refugees wall to wall,
An army of welfare workers always on call,
Forced by an Ottawa government high diktat,
That high immigrant vote is nothing to laugh at.

The Liberal flags, film festivals and flim flam,
Want to stay in power forever and donít give a damn,
They apparently have absolutely no shame,
Pompously point the finger and try to lay the blame.

Molly coddle prisoners too as often as they can,
Names not released because of publication ban,
Of course they wrote the Youth Criminal Justice Act,
Guess who the criminals vote for and thatís a fact.

With racist attitude so politically correct,
Canít hire white guys or programs might be wrecked,
Have we gone completely utterly mentally ill?
As we line up for their election and go through the drill.

Things canít be improved because weíre perfect they say,
In their bilingual multicultural racist way,
Change will not be allowed - not without permission,
As weíre tormented by adscam corrupt politicians.

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