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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Adscam, Liberals and Kyoto

Adscam, Liberals and Kyoto


James Bredin

Still some partisan fiefdoms that the Liberals held,
Despite the adscam corruption that really smelled,
Organized by Chretien and all his adscam friends,
Gomery Inquiry showed envelopes of cash trends.

So few of these corrupt politicians needed bail,
Though police presented with evidence on huge scale,
It was all in the papers though so little debate,
Whatever happened in that case, Shawinigate?

Billions of adscam dollars simply vanished,
No one was held responsible or even banished,
Did the election cure all corruption and sins?
If no one was punished, to jail, then who wins?

And the environmentalists into deep depression,
Letís hope they donít bring on another recession,
Though I could do with some global warming in this snow,
Is their connection to the Liberals quid pro quo?

And our Kyoto connection is still hard to believe,
Why Chretien signed it, is difficult to perceive,
The Americans and Australians didnít sign,
China and India excused so they didnít align.

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