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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - A Society of Sheep

A Society of Sheep


James Bredin

A society of sheep ruled by a group of wolves,
Controlled by Charter and decree where nothing’s resolved,
Adscam types who travel wide, and just lie and deny,
Want to stay in Ottawa and never say goodbye.

Why is it that we get leadership from hell?
Adscam party guys and the truth they’ll not tell,
Then attempt to tell us that they’ve really changed,
As they tax and spend and hide and nothing’s rearranged.

And that’s not all; there are those who have been taken in,
Can’t believe that they’ve taken a hit on the chin,
In this so called democratic dictatorship,
Where a constituent means no relationship.

Where your MP just represents the prime minister,
Not allowed to think that this might be sinister,
No referendums or free votes while they succeed,
And they vote on their agenda -- not what you need

As they appoint their friends to cover their tracks,
Lie day and night and avoid any and all the facts,
Stick you with Kyoto which you may not really want,
They’re down at the UN where their power they flaunt.

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