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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - A List a Mile Long

A List a Mile Long


James Bredin

A list of Liberal scandals too big to put in a blog,
Corrupt adscam politicians inside a fog,
Pushing out their propaganda day and night,
As they tax and spend and travel with great delight.

It doesn’t matter to them that you’re disgusted,
They have lots of left-wing friends who are maladjusted.
Why do you think, they’ve been in Ottawa so long?
New arrivals and prison voters feel so strong.

Fax them or send a letter; it doesn’t matter,
List their scandals; they don’t care and they won’t scatter,
They’ve got a lock on power more than anyone has seen,
Adscam corruption amounts to a hill of beans.

Remember when they said they’d get rid of the GST?
Remember Shawinigate and the billion at HRDC?
I could go on and on but the list is so long,
As they parachute in their friends - also wrong.

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