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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - A Form of National Madness

A Form of National Madness


James Bredin

They reversed old religious fanaticism by diktat,
Praised themselves as if they had been involved in combat,
Forgot to say that their Charter gave no property rights,
A Charter for "Everyone" they said was a delight.

While the old religious intolerance was bad enough,
Their god of multiculturalism could be rough,
By government decree and bureaucratic command,
Reverse everything that was acceptable and grand.

Prison criminal homicide psychopaths got the vote,
Given to them by adscam Liberals to promote,
Their left wing philosophies that everything was grand,
Abortions, same sex and polygamy on demand.

Itís all written there in Trudeauís Charter of Rights,
For oddballs and weirdoes with pedophile delights,
Political correctness gone completely mad,
Such Soviet commitment and we appear so glad.

If and when Ben Laden arrives, he too has rights,
We canít show feelings as he stands there in his dress whites,
It was written for "everyone" by government decree,
No need for referendums and terrorists all agree.

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