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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - You Will Do As You Are Told

You Will Do As You Are Told


James Bredin

Iím not worried about the Bloc wanting a divorce,
Could it be any worse than the status quo enforced?
Or the handsome ransom payments -- equalization stuff,
That Quebec demands and gets and it never has enough.

And we are obliged to bow down to the Supreme Court,
And the same-sex stuff that they allowed to be enforced,
Decisions made by a nine unquestioned appointee corps,
Dressed in their long red gorgeous gowns down to the floor.

Proud prime ministerial deity that cannot change,
But even part-time dictators sometimes act very strange,
For four or five years they can do whatever they like,
Arrange same-sex weddings for a gay guy or a dyke.

And then these same-sex types can go and adopt some kids,
Because after the weddings thereís nothing they forbid,
Though immaterial in the greater scheme of things,
But itís the dictatorial way itís done, that stings.

And if youíre bold enough to point out there may be a flaw,
Theyíll call you red neck, Nazi or maybe call the law,
With referendums forbidden forever and a day,
Canít change things because too many vote and theyíre gay.

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