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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Will we continue to kowtow?

Will we continue to kowtow?


James Bredin

The Adscam revelations are indeed no big deal,
Thatís how the Liberals run things in Quebec, so get real,
Their sense of entitlement that equalization breeds,
Though weíre taxed to the neck that we donít seem to heed.

They had this scheme of embezzlement extortion and graft,
As part of their Quebec antics and political craft,
Refused to fix the Charter or touch Confederation,
For same-sex stuff and Kyoto and a UN decoration.

Dysfunctional political plunder and veiled blackmail,
Pompously pretending that they will always prevail,
Even the burned out rusty submarine and that sailorís death,
They delayed while the Chicoutimi rusted at a berth.

We donít need referendums because only they can decide,
Their corruption and despot detailed status quo will provide,
Though their Liberal dynasty is coming apart at the seams,
They want to stay forever but thatís now in their dreams.

Because no one paid attention to Shawinigate,
No prosecutions or inquiries and now itís too late,
Canít debate because the Mounty and ethics guy said "Okay."
Two guys he appointed and what did we think they would say?

Or the billion that went missing at HRDC,
He explained that it was lost and that was just so easy,
The question is not if we can read the writing on the wall,
But can we fix Canada or can we break the fall?

As we shake our heads and wonder what we should do,
Canít imprison politicians but what to do in lieu,
Canít fix Canada because that too theyíve forbidden,
For their status quo reasons that donít need to be hidden.

Hockey - not realism -- is our favorite sports,
As we listen and read Liberal propaganda reports,
By writers who sold them their souls very long ago,
And pump daily propaganda so we will all kowtow.

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