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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Will Ballistic Missiles Fly over Canada

Will Ballistic Missiles Fly over Canada


James Bredin

They claimed it was all for unity or didnít your know?
The billions of Adscam and equalization dough,
That ransom money they moved and all paid to Quebec,
You canít do anything about it and you canít check.

And itís all in Trudeauís Charter - that and same-sex stuff too,
Globe trotting politicians make announcements on cue,
Say they donít like the US ballistic missile defense,
They donít like George Bush and they make no pretence.

Then they wonder why weíre having problems at the border,
In their party politics this is downright disorder,
But theyíre busy on junkets in China, Turkey or Spain,
Not interested in nearby states like New York or Maine.

Forget this continent with rogues at the United Nations,
Forget the Americans and any close relations,
And their UN would love to command the human race,
International Criminal Court and Kyoto in your face.

The logic of not being involved defies common sense,
But Chretien/Martin types are known to sit on the fence,
They only have to make sure they cater to their party,
Stopped separatists with money and Act of Clarity.

Without referendums or recall weíre surely stuck,
Proportional representation ice with no puck,
Those missiles they believe will never never fly.
And no one absolutely no one has the guts to ask them why.

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