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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Who Got the Money?

Who Got the Money?


James Bredin

One former Liberal official said he funneled money,
In secretly stuffed envelopes which wasnít very funny,
Millions moving here and there just like Mafia hoods,
But these were party officials it must be understood.

Large wads of cash were stuffed in envelopes without disgrace,
Thousands here, millions there, completely vanished without a trace,
And no one, they often claimed, knows where the money ended up,
They sometimes say they never fart and they never never burp.

And still trying to protect their political bosses,
Claiming itís their own fault and theyíll carry all the crosses,
But where the money went is still a monster mystery,
Not down on any paper or in Party history.

Itís about how they bent national unity to their own cause,
More money for elections to stay in power without pause,
Those who speak out could endanger national security,
Should be quiet like most Canadians in obscurity.

Government paralyzed by scandal but doing fine, thank you,
Theyíve been doing this for ten years so, for them, itís nothing new
You remember Shawinigate and the HRDC affair,
They just continue every year on a wing and a prayer.

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