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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - When will the stop clowning around?

When will the stop clowning around?


James Bredin

Itís past time that the provinces told Ottawa where to go,
Quebec may eventually do it but we really donít know,
Ironic those who get equalization ransom the most,
Could force us to accept bilingualism from coast to coast.

Newfoundland got what they wanted by lowering a few flags,
And Ottawa came running quickly with bulging moneybags,
While docile Ontario gets ripped, picked and kicked about,
And Ottawa struts its stuff at adscam without a doubt.

If separatists win Referendum Three and they just might,
And they stop sending taxes to Ottawa with great delight,
Will Ottawa double the ransom to buy them off once more?
Forget about referendums, ROC or the esprit de corps.

Of course lying McGinty said he wanted some money back,
With Liberals, what do you expect is coming down the track?
Means we are in tax do do deep, right up to our neck,
Ontario pays and doesnít get an equalization check.

Without referendums, recall or set-dates, weíre trapped for years,
Their appointees will decide what is right or wrong; is that clear?
With Shawinigate status quo system forever nailed down?
As we wait and wait and wait for them to stop clowning around.

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