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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - We Deserve the Politicians we Get

We Deserve the Politicians we Get


James Bredin

We deserved the Liberal politicians that we got,
And now we see the light and they may finally get caught,
At the adscam hearings -- how they manipulated money,
Though still declaring ethics and honesty - not funny.

The arrogance of these Liberals was hard to behold,
We used to have a soul which they sold out for our gold,
Our taxpayers’ money manipulated back to their accounts,
Millions missing and no one knows the exact amounts.

Their self confidence and delusions of grandeur so great,
Stuck in their status quo without referendums or debate.
Their list of scandals came like water under a bridge,
Or food gone rotten after a month in an old fridge,

And although I’m not a prophet I’ll make a prediction,
That none of them will go to jail or get a conviction,
We’ll have an election and a Quebec referendum,
To change things around and get out of this conundrum.

You’ll read about this in the papers as time goes by,
You can then think back and say, who was that poet guy?
Who could read the hidden handwriting on the wall,
At a time when the Liberals still pretended to walk tall.

As their Red Book and stained ethics came home to roost,
And we realized that we were the voters they seduced,
And still they hardly notice as they travel here and there,
And each and everyone acts like he/she’s a millionaire.

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