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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - We Can#t Stick in the Status Quo

We Can#t Stick in the Status Quo


James Bredin

If equalization canít buy them, then they just canít be bought,
The people of Quebec with whom the English often fought,
And though the times and the cards on the table have changed,
And bilingualism, coast to coast has been imposed and arranged.

Still we can see Referendum Three coming down the road,
Itís way off in the distance like some ugly giant toad,
Politicians in a quandary but still traveling the globe,
Or hiding evidence about kickbacks at the Adscam probe.

Because Ottawa canít see the handwriting on the wall,
Too busy with bland bilingual words of Prime Minister Paul,
Dithering in diversity delivery that we expect,
Canít touch the Charter because itís politically correct.

Theyíre going to tap some expert talent and have a panel,
No one else needed and not on any TV channel,
Oh theyíre going to change their ways, they say, and fix it all,
But canít change the status quo because theyíre having a ball.

But if Quebec decides to separate what will they do?
Will they then sit down and maybe take a different view?
Do they have another plan or will they tax and spend some more?
Or buy some more flags and go to Quebec and implore.

But I have the answer and Iíve had it for some time,
Read my Fix Canada stuff and it wonít cost you a dime,
My radical internal operation might put things right,
Not politically correct and not very polite.

As we stand mesmerized hoping for the right cards,
Our politicians brought us here and this we disregard,
But in order to pull this unity stuff, we will have to change,
Heed my Fix Canada and itís easy to rearrange.

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