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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Was Chretien that Bad?

Was Chretien that Bad?


James Bredin

Was Chretien such a tax-and-spend curse?
Hard to believe that Martin might be worse,
Seems Mr. Dithers dislikes American friends,
While Liberals force feed us socialist trends.

On continuous junkets around the globe,
Shady names get dropped at the Adscam probe,
And where o where is our great opposition?
As we’re ground down slowly into submission.

Can’t even suggest that they’re on the take,
They roar they’re right and never made a mistake,
No proportional representation in their swamp,
No referendums or recall with their pomp.

Have Canadians gone mentally ill?
Such screams about sovereignty sound so shrill,
Millions of dollars sent to friends in Quebec,
Most of it missing when Adscam went to check.

Quebec referendum crisis ransom paid,
Stick to the status quo and shady stuff will fade,
Tell them about same-sex stuff and go away,
Referendums are forbidden so please obey.

Claim it was all for unity to stop them there,
Now we’re off to the Caribbean somewhere,
And unity you see covers every sin,
Are we okay or should we take it with a grin?

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