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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Wait till the outcome of the Adscam probe

Wait till the outcome of the Adscam probe


James Bredin

Paul: I heard your partisan taped speech on TV tonight,
I felt sorry for you personally, you were so contrite,
You said you werenít vigilant enough with the public trust,
And the people now look at the Liberals with disgust.

I thought I saw a Canadian history flash point go by,
That you were a politician on TV trying to deny,
You were pleading for more time and a delayed election,
Because you denied any Adscam connection.

You want us to hold off till after the Gomery report,
You want us all to line up and give you our support,
But youíve been there a year and nothing much has even changed,
Itís more of the same and nothing has been rearranged.

No questions were allowed to any of your appointees,
To the Senate or the Supreme Court to any degrees,
About their prejudice or perhaps their blatant bias,
We were led to believe that they were above board and pious.

And referendums and recall, you would never permit,
Though you may vote in next Quebec referendum youíll admit,
But we couldnít even vote for you to be prime minister,
Another Liberal Party thing that maybe sinister.

While Quebec has Referendums to their delight,
We have equalization and no Charter property rights,
No set-date elections, recall or constitutional change,
Stuck in your status quo that we can never rearrange.

You were finance minister and followed in Chretienís track,
Where did you think the money went as it went out and came back?
And like Chretien you visited half the countries on the globe,
And you want us to wait till the outcome of the Adscam probe.

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