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James Bredin

If they make it to summer recess, we will be betrayed,
They’ll stretch recess on past Christmas and they’re made in the shade,
But the handwriting is on the wall in a big rough scrawl,
Are you listening carefully Liberal Prime Minister Paul?

The payoffs and kickbacks in millions of dollars,
Overtime, adding machines, computers and scholars,
Who now try to figure out where the money went,
Did it all go back to them and is the complete Party bent?

As same-sex stuff and Kyoto they are going to impose,
Plus advice from Bono and other UN stuff, God only knows,
Martin’s speech was just a cynical attempt to hang on,
Thirty days after the Gomery report is far too long.

They want foreign aid in cash and in very large amounts,
For food and drugs and guns and in a large Swiss account,
And that’s the reason they want it strictly in cash,
No paper trail for folks who might have a UN stash.

The free fall of their party is a frightening sight,
But honest Canadians find this to be a great delight,
How many seats will they have when they finally hit the floor?
Or could they or would they finally sneak out the back door?

They have a crooked government-paid-for poll to show,
That a mysterious majority of people know,
That this corruption and kickbacks they just didn’t know,
Like Shawinigate shenanigans a few years ago.

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