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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN past its best-by Date

UN past its best-by Date


James Bredin

Has the United Nations gone passed its best-by date?
Full of their own propaganda and pompous debate,
Sending peacekeepers to Africa and here and there,
Push Kyoto and International Court they declare.

Should Kyoto be adapted or just shut down?
A secret system to increase foreign aid all around,
A mean method to assist their developing friends,
So some dictators and warlords can advance their own ends.

George Bush didnít like Kyoto and he didnít join,
We did though sitting downwind and we also adjoin,
In Canada weíre in it up to our taxpaying necks,
Our government will be writing all those Kyoto checks.

Our politicians have bought it hook line and sinker,
Signed the dotted line International socialist tinker,
And smoky factories might have to be closed down,
And leave you the worker with nothing but a frown.

I suggest we retire from the United Nations,
Send a message, make a stand and withdraw our donations,
When was the last time our politicians took a bold stand?
We are merely obedient numbers at their command

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