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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN oil for food corruption track

UN oil for food corruption track


James Bredin

UN credibility is away down there these days,
Good time to close it down and all their crooked ways,
Dead folk in Africa by the millions always shut out,
Tormented now by peacekeepers whose conduct is in doubt.

Plenty of pompous dictators dispensing pork,
Send their appointee big shots to the UN in New York,
Make announcements here and there about this or that,
Why they need foreign aid to help with internal combat.

Now that peacekeepers have become part of the trouble,
Added that to Kofi Annanís sonís and it goes for double,
Add that to the disgraced Commission of Human Rights,
Add Kyoto to all that and you can turn out the lights.

The finger of blame pointed at Kofi Annan,
His son Kojo they say was a big point man,
Billions of dollars from a guy called Saddam,
Oil for food money where no one gave a god dam.

Politicians get worked up about UN obligation,
Distract public attention as if this is salvation,
International Court at The Hague is never in doubt,
But no one seems to know for sure what theyíre about.

If they do close it down should they think of something new,
An organization of democracies with all in view,
And dictators can all call their appointees back,
And look back at their oil for food corruption track.

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