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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN Kyoto Scam

UN Kyoto Scam


James Bredin

Should the UN or Kyoto itself be shut down?
Would activist special-interest politicians frown?
With no place to make grandstand socialist announcements,
On how they’d like to fix the world and other pronouncements.

As their propaganda headlines scream; it has to be done,
All their environmental agenda has to be won,
Or the sky might fall and we would never breathe the air,
So we better obey or we’re on a wing and a prayer.

If Kyoto or the UN itself cannot be shut down,
And we don’t have one politician with guts or renown,
Their little communist system of spreading the wealth,
Will be forcibly introduced and implemented by stealth.

It makes sense to them that their policies should be enforced,
Found their little fellow travelers and had it all endorsed,
Spread the wealth to developing countries, made sense to them,
In the guise of the environment or else they condemn.

But the Americans didn’t buy this communist plot,
Won’t shut down factories because of this Kyoto lot,
Millions unemployed while developing countries receive,
Canadians can’t understand or even perceive.

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