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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Trying to close down Adscam

Trying to close down Adscam


James Bredin

The Adscam Liberals appear to want everything centralized,
They feel this would be more in their favor and more civilized,
And without recall or elected Senate how could they be wrong?
We should all act and walk in unison and sing the same song.

And without referendums we are married to their status quo,
That is except Quebec who also gets equalization dough,
And the occasional referendum to see if they’ll stay,
But we’re forbidden referendums and we always obey.

Though we’re taxed up to the eyes and no one ever acts surprised,
As they give and get our money in kickbacks, we might despise,
And we’re not allowed to question the appointments they make,
To the High Court or the Senate ‘cause they can’t make a mistake.

We practice subservience and it makes us feel so good,
Without questions or democracy that’s little understood,
And without term limits or even set-date elections,
Herded docile sheep waiting for the lions’ selections.

As they point their fingers from behind firewall protection,
Proclaim their perfection and try to avoid an election,
Try to close down Adscam inquiry because of the heat,
As their talking heads protect them and they’re not too discreet

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