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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Traveling Politicians and Appointees

Traveling Politicians and Appointees


James Bredin

I just hope the PM and the GG all get along,
In case they meet in Chechnya, Colorado or Hong Kong,
Because politicians and appointees travel the globe,
Without one question, an inquiry or a probe.

As they take their friends and families along for a ride,
Send back sound bites and pictures with every change of the tide,
They say itís written in the Charter that they can tour,
Same-sex stuff too for those who are different or poor.

They want to put an end to all these global evils,
Stick to their status quo forever and no more upheavals,
Where money laundering is allowed and no questioned asked,
Where Shawinigan shenanigans can be hidden and masked.

Where submarines can catch fire despite all the advice,
Where no navy ships can go through all that Arctic ice,
Where guns from the Maritime Museum went to the Gulf War,
And those adscam hearings they want you to ignore.

Where the Charter is written for "Everyone" to see,
That means Saddam and Osama and even you and me,
With more rogue refugee arriving by the score,
And certain party politicians out looking for more.

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