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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Trained not to be Adscam Ashamed

Trained not to be Adscam Ashamed


James Bredin

Why do Adscam politicians always make me ashamed?
As they daily deny corruption and these crooks are not blamed,
And behave as if they had been saints on a mission,
Going to save Canada but cull the $commission.

As a bevy of spontaneous translators talk,
Any number of pious pompous politicians squawk,
And we wonder where we’re going and where we’ve been,
Can I hear someone in the distance playing a violin?

Equalization where some provinces get a deal,
But Ontario can’t squeal or even appeal,
Adscam vote buying machine plus ransom for Quebec,
Most prime ministers come from there if you care to check.

Adscam guys make a deal with the devil to stay in power,
Give us the dirty end of the stick as we all cower,
And they manipulate the media and they too agree,
Promote same-sex stuff to conceal what we can see.

They were unaware this mismanagement had gone on,
Or that maybe $millions of dollars that had been withdrawn,
Without referendums or recall, nothing will change,
And don’t dare denounce them or even say that it’s strange.

Unfortunately slippery socialists have control,
Despise the Americans and hope they’re on a roll,
Bilingual types who pretend that they’re all elite,
Just bow your head and accept their conceit and deceit.

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