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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - They Do It Because We Let Them Do It

They Do It Because We Let Them Do It


James Bredin

Do Canadian politicians come from deep down in hell?
As they tax and spend and travel and announce all is well,
And these concerned types call us a nation of minorities,
As they try to impose Kyoto and same-sex stuff as priorities.

Mixed with multiculturalism maneuvered as they preach,
No melting pot for these guys as they each overreach,
And hide their hidden agendas with their vested welfare,
And at the Adscam hearings deny they were even aware.

These Liberals are out now buying votes by the hour,
Using our money to keep themselves in permanent power,
As we watch helplessly - a billion here, a million there,
And no one says itís crooked - oh we wouldnít dare.

Blatant Adscam type maneuvers to manipulate money,
In a distant tin pot dictatorship this would seem funny,
As they make deals with the devil and send you out mail,
And none of them, ever, ever, go to jail.

They treat you like a commodity that can be bought,
Then they travel the world and visit every resort,
Spending your money like water at Niagara Falls,
They do it because we let them and they have the balls.

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