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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The only reason we should have an army

The only reason we should have an army


James Bredin

Is party-line propaganda more or less the same?
They want us to believe their lies though they never take the blame,
You are just a sheep in a flock that is being piously led,
Down the road to the slaughter house where they said you’ll be fed.

Hounded, helpless observers in their artificial action,
Steady propaganda slogans and we’re trained by this faction,
And the army should impose two-term restrictions,
And prosecute politicians to ensure convictions.

But unfortunately they are the ones, who make the rules,
Cover themselves by their appointments and we are the fools,
Impose Kyoto, International Court and same-sex stuff,
Tax and spend and travel the world and it’s never enough.

Canadians have been tormented by tyrants far too long,
Political manipulating thieves who sing the same song,
Push their propaganda and disagree that they are thieves,
At the Adscam Inquiry they continue to deceive.

But the evidence tends to scream that they should be in jail,
And not just one or two but the whole bunch without bail,
And without the Auditor General we would still be lost,
Wondering about the national debt and why and what it cost.

As we wait with baited breath as the inquiry plows on,
And wonder about those millions that disappeared though they yawn,
In the guise of good intentions but only for Quebec,
And they’ll have referendum three soon if you’ll bother to check

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