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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Divine Right of Kings

The Divine Right of Kings


James Bredin

Declare that the democratic deficit is such a bad thing,
Then visit every tin pot dictator and every ding a ling,
Canadian vote in parliament was a technicality,
Divine right of kings covers that eventuality.

The Adscam revelations show the Liberals are bent,
Money laundering cases full of cash that they sent,
To special friends provided they in turn kicked some of it back,
Though they still deny all this or that they are a crooked pack.

With the divine right of kings there’s no need for an election,
And parliament doesn’t count and they’re the only selection,
Make even Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe look good,
Elections bought with bribes and money they understood.

Hang onto power by the tips of their fingers and toes,
Spend and give our money like water as Niagara Falls flows,
And we thought Chretien was bad and we could never get worse,
What did we do to deserve these lounge Liberals’ curse?

He still wants to send money and soldiers to Sudan,
They don’t want soldiers but send the money as soon as you can,
For more guns and ammunition and a Swiss bank account,
And just like the Liberals no one can check that amount.

And another national unity crisis is on the way,
Pushed and caused by Liberal corruption they say,
They prefer Quebec City to Ottawa they reveal,
From whom they would at least get an honest deal.

Erect a guillotine where they can see it on Parliament Hill,
To remind them that maybe we the people should rule still,
Impeach the last two prime ministers and put them in jail,
Ban their lies and propaganda in every detail.

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