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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Stuck in Liberal Status Quo

Stuck in Liberal Status Quo


James Bredin

Liberal abuse of power is not extraordinary,
Accepted because it’s not out of the ordinary,
Close down the Gomery inquiry with intrigue,
To hide corruption of their money laundering league.

Distract our attention here and there curiously quick,
Send money to Africa because they’re poor and they’re sick,
And Mr. Mugabe of Zimbabwe bank account is down,
Send peacekeepers to help him move around.

Help out at the United Nations with Kyoto and that,
But can’t go to Iraq in case there’s combat,
And that oil for food business comes back to haunt,
Point a finger at the opposition and taunt.

Secret numbers, secret payments but ‘twas ever thus,
The UN or Ottawa not open to discuss,
Shawinigan shenanigans, Sadam or adscam stuff,
Buried in bureaucracy and they say that’s enough.

Married to the status quo and they’ll never change a thing,
Allow abortions, same-sex stuff or even swing,
But no referendums, recall or set election dates,
No proportional representation or any of these debates.

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