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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Slush Adscam Funds in Foundations

Slush Adscam Funds in Foundations


James Bredin

Slush funds of the Adscam gang stashed in foundations,
Secret stuff beyond auditorsí examinations,
Money to manage minority left wing causes,
Then collect votes like Ottawa Santa Clauses.

And you didnít know because no one told you so,
Kyoto propaganda never mentioned that dough,
And the Adscam guys deny they ever told a lie,
And those conspiracies they both deny and defy.

And a scandal is not a scandal if itís hidden,
With same-sex stuff where knowledge is forbidden,
Inside the no-Access Act and isnít that strange?
No referendums or recall and nothing rearranged.

Your local MP represents them - not you,
And they never said that thereís something askew,
He/she/it only represents his/her/itís party,
You occasionally see them quite hale and hearty.

And God forbid you should need his/her/itís assistance,
Go to his/her/itís office and meet some resistance,
Canít influence cabinet or ask a judge a question,
Are we all mentally ill or is this just an impression.

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