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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Send More Money to the UN Now

Send More Money to the UN Now


James Bredin

With all that stuff they found, will the UN disavow?
Numbers under the table and many missing somehow,
Tin pot dictators pretending respectability,
Pompous prestige with little responsibility.

The Second Interim Report shows massive secret stuff,
Most of it on the hard drives so Rizaís shredding not enough,
Money from Cotecna moving here and moving there,
Hidden accounts for Kojo, up to his neck in this affair.

With peacekeeper misconduct sometimes front and center,
Places in Africa where thereís many a dissenter,
But who and where and why was kept so well hidden,
Sometimes hit the media but itís socially forbidden.

Blame terrorists for the sneaky stuff thatís going on,
Blame them for anything and everything that went wrong,
Save the UN from insignificant irrelevance,
Write a new UN treaty to be their own deliverance.

Show pictures of the starving, the sick and the maimed,
To increase foreign aid so no socialists feel ashamed,
Something should be done but the UN is the only one,
International Court and Kyoto and theyíve just begun.

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