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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Quebec#s Third Referendum

Quebec#s Third Referendum


James Bredin

Is Quebec an unofficial federal preserve?
Where politicians bend over backwards to serve,
Tried their adscam ransom to keep the natives quiet,
And equalization to keep them docile and not riot.

The sovereignists and the federalists should make a deal,
I know this idea is painful and may not appeal,
And power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,
But Chretienís Clarity Act may not keep us on track.

What if the Clarity Act does not prevail?
And proves unity, Ottawa and patriotism failed,
And decisions from high court appointees is just talk,
The sovereignists in Quebec all want to walk.

Quebec refused to sign the Trudeau/Chretien Charter,
Maybe they knew something and even then were smarter,
Kept unilingual French for themselves instead,
While we bought bilingualism like a hole in the head.

I hesitate being the only one to point the way,
As politicians bark both by night and by day,
Make announcements about Kyoto and same-sex stuff,
And the equalization ransom should be enough.

A constitutional conference should be in line,
Fix Canada now and make sure to get it right this time,
And another one after that if we canít get it right,
Itís not something that can be done overnight.

Because what theyíve done up to now seems to have failed,
And a third Quebec referendum cannot be veiled,
Even a blind man should see the writing on the wall,
Even party politicians who live in Montreal.

And the writing on the wall will not fade or go,
While we trash around deep down in the status quo,
The provinces should have more power than the feds,
But how do we get this into their stupid heads?

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