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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Provencial autonomy is the only way to go

Provencial autonomy is the only way to go


James Bredin

The wake-up call is now or weíre going into the do do deep,
Rewrite the constitution and then we can go back to sleep,
Revolutionaries act while politicians might react,
More provincial autonomy now and we just might stay intact.

Ottawa doesnít want to know about the fork in the road,
They want to stick to the status quo in their present abode,
And then spin things this way or that way and the PM is czar,
And donít call because theyíre out of town holidaying afar.

Their propaganda pompously proclaims that nothing is wrong,
And Referendum Three will not be theirs or our swan song,
And we are not like lemmings all leaving for the sea,
Theyíll solve our unity problems with more adscam for you and me.

All we have to do is wait and wait and wait for them to react,
Two years, four years, maybe twenty years and thatís a fact,
This unity problem is not real and only in Quebec,
The other provinces are quite and docile if you check.

And the equalization ransom should buy our way out,
Unlike the adscam, this has been accepted without a doubt,
So wait a few more years after Referendum Three,
Ottawa will eventually react, just you wait and wait and see.

And provincial autonomy they say, is not the way to go,
Rich provinces should pay poor provinces a lot more dough,
But we canít touch the constitution because Mulroney tried,
That plus the GST and his Party went away and died.

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