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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Proportional Representation for Canada

Proportional Representation for Canada


James Bredin

We canít have set-date elections and we canít change a thing,
Tax-travel and spend politicians are out in left-wing,
And tell us we can change things but how they lie and lie,
Their parties will be in parliament long after we die.

They represent their party and definitely not you,
Itís been a long time and changes are long overdue,
Proportional representation might bring this change,
Parties love the status quo and avoid what is strange.

So if you want to change things, youíre out on your own,
Get in line with the others; you are merely a clone,
Politicians all have their party protection,
You donít even count in their political selection.

You are really only a robot with a human face,
Itís only the party that matters in this race,
Weíre having an inquiry into who did what and where,
And party politicians canít be suspect -- so there!

We gave them all permission because we were so quiet,
In their party system we were fed their constant diet,
Could anything go wrong they said when Hitler came along?
Quiet and obedient as they sang their party song.

So we have to let them know that we are the boss,
And their party politics will be no great national loss,
Proportional representation is the way to go,
But how do we get them away from their stupid status quo?

Binding referendums might tend to keep them in line,
And recall because of ethics could force them to resign,
But weíve been trained not to react or even look and stare,
Or to think or pay attention because itís their affair.

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