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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Political Judicial Hypocrisy

Political Judicial Hypocrisy


James Bredin

Our system of Supreme Court appointees is the worst,
Till they die or turn seventy five whichever comes first,
Dressed up like bishops where no questions are allowed,
Prejudice and vested interests concealed from the crowd.

Allowed to make laws from what they read in the Charter,
Anything that comes into their heads because they’re smarter,
Controversial results about abortions and same-sex stuff,
And the people are obedient and never say, "Enough!"

And this status quo system can never be changed,
Their divine right of kings can never be rearranged,
No questions about connections to feminists or groups,
Their abnormal decisions dumped down on us dupes.

They make and change more laws than parliament every day,
Why do we need politicians when we’re obliged to obey?
And no one complains because of their legal iron glove,
Judicial activism when push comes to shove from above.

And show more respect, you lowly unilingual type,
Listen to the status quo government propaganda hype,
And these appointees make decisions about French in Quebec,
Most prime ministers from there if you care to check.

Judicial dictatorship is our slice of democracy,
Add that to adscam political hypocrisy,
Add that to political correct judicial scheme,
Where international socialists and UN officials beam.

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