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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Our Slimy Politicians

Our Slimy Politicians


James Bredin

Our squirmy politicians still donít get it yet,
We resented sending Quebec that Adscam ransom check,
To keep Francophonie subservient with a slush fund,
Left the Auditor General so incredibly stunned.

We donít care as elitist bilinguals scream itís repaired,
Nod their heads, look around to see if someone really cared,
Weíre the unilinguals somewhere in the hinterland,
Donít care if your Adscam evidence was that grand.

As they switch jobs and claim no one is responsible,
As we shake our heads and wonder who is accountable,
And unlike the US, we canít impeach a prime minister,
Canít vote for him either which should seem sinister.

They want the Adscam inquiry completely closed down,
Like the Somalia, the Krever and the APEC meltdown,
As they still send out their equalization payments,
As their voters and friends still line up as claimants.

They have much more important issues to be carried,
Help those gay guys who vote and want to get married,
And the UN and Kyoto at the top of their list,
Junket the world in case thereís a place that they missed.

As their Charter of Rights they constantly promote,
And quietly give pedophile convicts in jail the vote,
And let them out early on the faint-hope clause,
Their convenient lenient system with its flaws.

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