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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ottawa Politicians, My Friend

Ottawa Politicians, My Friend


James Bredin

The maximum IQ for Ottawa politicians is ten,
Those who are higher have to come back again,
And if it should happen, they display honesty or guts,
Pretentious friends will quietly call them, "Nuts!"

These dumb-down politicians dither all the day,
Could teach the mafia what to do and what to say,
May or may not help the US with their missile plan,
Back Kyoto and same-sex to the last gay man.

Reports of course are shelved, if they’re even read,
Too busy on global junkets to know what was said,
Form a committee to study all situations,
Hide taxpayers’ money deep in friendly foundations.

Appoint friends to high places with suggestions,
Make sure of their loyalty and no stupid questions,
Because Sheila Fraser could cause the shit to hit the fan,
Please no criminal charges as part of the plan.

And the system can’t change from the status quo,
Protected by unquestioned appointees in a row,
No referendums or recall and that’s all good,
They’d double the GST if they thought they could.

Would they be so brazen as to tell us what to think?
Or forget Adscam with a nod and a wink?
These law makers in Ottawa want no charges please,
While they’re down in the tropics enjoying the breeze,

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