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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - On our way to a failed state

On our way to a failed state


James Bredin

We seem helpless as we watch Ottawa-provincial events,
A struggle for power and money where no one will relent,
On our way to a failed state as we watch them pontificate,
Listen to instant translation and try not to suffocate.

As they distract our attention to distant foreign places,
Push pollution, Kyoto, UN and Darfur in our faces,
While Quebec Referendum Three is racing towards us fast,
Now is the time to change things - not when the dye has been cast.

As we wallow our way as if nothing will ever change,
Belinda betraying her party -- anything can be arranged,
Stuck in the Ottawa status quo and taxed up to the nose,
How much more could the Adscam inquiry expose?

Our reply to Referendum Two was Chretienís Clarity Act,
As if Quebec had a problem and not us and thatís a fact,
And although Iím not a prophet, I can plainly see,
That the propaganda they are selling us, is not to be.

We need to change the Constitution in order to survive,
Promote much more provincial stuff and we just might stay alive,
Tell those in Ottawa that we know the directions,
Referendums, recall, term limits and set date elections.

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