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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - No Reform Policies Survived

No Reform Policies Survived


James Bredin

Theyíve turned socialist and declared that itís great,
They say itís the result of their united debate,
I think itís nothing but a party disaster,
Red Tory Joe Clark could not have done it faster.

They changed our religion and we had no say,
At a convention in Montreal away far away,
But they say itís an improvement and we should agree,
Now everyone stand up on the count of one two three.

The hand of the special vested interests won out,
You were left out but they had no doubt,
You were long ago Alliance and very far away,
You were not in Montreal while they were going astray.

They changed the policies and they say its good news,
Youíll just love it and keep paying all your dues,
Eighty four percent in favor of unity they say,
The left wing papers screamed that it was a great day.

Unilingual Quebec to Referendum Three,
Despite adscam ransom equalization fees,
Our left-of-left-wing media canít understand,
That corrupt politicians should be jailed or banned.

New policies now aligned with the Adscam guys,
Theyíre at the Gomery hearings all telling lies,
And no one will know the difference because weíre the same,
Conservative to Liberal; we could change the name.

And donít forget to volunteer here and there,
Do your bit for the party because they really care,
And the old Reform Party has been swallowed whole,
Their ideas and their policies were far too bold.

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