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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Never Change Nothing

Never Change Nothing


James Bredin

Titled appointees seek so much more refinement,
Maintain and sustain the status quo is their assignment,
Claim that the Charter is great without property rights,
But so few people know that they donít dare shine no lights.

Because nothing can be changed so leave it that way,
Concentrate on same-sex marriage for those who are gay,
Claim that itís in the Charter and everyone says okay,
They know itís useless to say no, so they just obey.

Deep into UN international human rights,
Plus some shady slush funds sanctimonious delights,
Funds ferried away inside favored foundations,
Out of reach of the Auditor General these donations.

Travel the world to check out all that foreign aid,
Junket to every tropical land while getting paid,
Tax and spend and travel and never never stop,
Claim theyíre different by changing the man at the top.

And at their national convention draw up a plan,
Release many more prisoners and close down Adscam,
And lenient sentences for those who might belong,
Freed prisoners can vote and theyíre big and theyíre strong.

And allow lots of rogue refugees to arrive and stay,
Itís their Charter rights which those lawyers will display,
In front of an immigration appointee judge,
And those red-neck types should shut up and not begrudge.

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