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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Money Laundering Mystery

Money Laundering Mystery


James Bredin

Multicultural bisexual bilingual MP,
Elected but represented no one that we could see,
Called party discipline and the phones were all on hold,
His far away constituents were left out in the cold.

Dictatorial same-sex-stuff system to be imposed,
Autocratic prime ministerial deity exposed,
Helpless citizens without referendums or recall,
Managed by the media to keep quiet and crawl.

These same money-laundering Ottawa politicians,
With pompous positions and titles on exhibition,
Channeled huge funds to friends and then most of it disappeared,
Thought to pay Quebec referendum ransom it appeared.

They wanted to raise their putrid profile in Quebec,
So pay the ransom and keep the whole province in check,
And stop the separatist referendum number three,
And they could stay in Ottawa for ever you see.

But will their ransom stop or slow Quebec separation?
Added to their other payments called equalization,
Will the adscam inquiry add to the misery?
Will it show us what’s hidden inside this mystery?

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