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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Rule

Liberal Rule


James Bredin

When Liberals dominate the world or a web site; they rule,
Democracy is not their strong point and itís like youíre in school,
Because their divine right of kings, tells them when and what to do,
As they appoint their special friends without questions or review.

Then visit tin pot despot dictators all over the globe,
While they still keep on trying to close down the Adscam probe,
Shady dealings isolated behind firewall protection,
While government pompous propagandists give us direction.

Appoint senators and judges to all the proper places,
You donít know the appointees and never saw their faces,
Donít know whether they have vested interests or special friends,
And youíre not allowed to know or ask about inclination or trends.

Without questions or answers because this is their way,
Is this about justice or honesty or being led astray?
And if they manage to close down Adscam; what can we say?
Would the Adscam Liberals be so bold as to betray?

Itís order in council during parliamentary recess,
For months at a time behind closed doors but I digress,
Their UN Tin pot despot dictator friends would understand,
They too donít need parliament; they just write a command.

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