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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Lies Forever Flowing

Liberal Lies Forever Flowing


James Bredin

They paid our tax money to Liberal friends in Quebec,
And then got it back in donations but what the heck,
Millions of our dollars going here and going there,
Said it was to stop separation because they care.

From Italy to Shawinigan and then back,
Money laundering Liberal scheme to cover their track,
And no one knew because it was so well hidden,
Access to Liberal stuff was strictly forbidden.

Then to isolate themselves when the shit hit the fan,
As Sheila Fraser opened up the rotten Adscam can,
Admitted their part in the false paper trail,
But thatís not illegal so no need for bail.

They just donít know where our taxpayer money went,
It just up and disappeared where ever it was sent,
Itís a monster mystery and the Liberals canít say,
They want the inquiry shut down and everyone go Ďway.

And our money in their foundations leaves us in the lurch,
Canít be audited, counted, seen or even touched,
Money laundering hole that would make Mafia look proud,
Donít mention this because it canít be said out loud.

They pick their cronies too in case they need a friend,
Senate, High Court, to follow their Liberal trend,
On a quid pro quo basis and no questions asked,
How long can this go on and how long can it last?

If a Quebec referendum comes back at fifty plus,
And his Clarity Act turns out to be a wuss,
And without referendums, this is where weíre going,
Amid all those Liberal lies forever flowing.

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