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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Kyoto Accord Again and Again

Kyoto Accord Again and Again


James Bredin

These so called climate experts all had many many meetings,
Next one in Toronto, beating and repeating,
To nail down Kyoto and stop these carbon emissions,
And line up agreeable federal politicians.

These UN special-interest types want to rule the globe,
And it helps if the public is missing a frontal lobe,
It all swings on who will pay that emission tribute,
Callous communist capture of wealth to distribute.

Americans will not pay because theyíre not involved,
What Canadians will pay has yet to be resolved,
George Bush refused to join and ignored this accord,
Could it interfere with NAFTA; could we fall on our sword?

Activists donít need intelligence if theyíre all the same,
Nazis, communists, socialists or just another name,
But they do need followers so got a cause they applause,
Got media propaganda so forget all the flaws.

Mention bad air, carbon emissions or the sky might fall,
The Arctic might melt, we could all boil and thatís not all,
You should take the bus or walk and forget about that car,
It doesnít matter how far or that this might sound bizarre.

If the factory closes down and you loose your job,
Because under Kyoto rules the factory made smog,
Will you feel good because of our UN obligation?
Or breathe the same air and say itís our salvation?

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