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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Judge Gomery should get a medal

Judge Gomery should get a medal


James Bredin

I think Judge Gomery himself should be given a medal,
For not caving in to them or letting them meddle,
For exposing their corruption, bribery, extortion and crimes,
In the face of political pressure many many times.

This should be a wake-up call for us to put things right,
That we have corrupt politicians that are not even bright,
Their status quo shows that our old system is blighted,
And we should change things to keep Canada united.

The Gomery Inquiry should be a permanent thing,
Independent of government or those who want to be king,
For corrupt politicians or Shawinigate-type affairs,
I can almost hear their political media claim, "Who cares?"

To counteract those with certain Chretien-type ambition,
To avoid another future Adscam condition,
A people’s ombudsman to save us from those who are grim,
A provincial appointee - not one appointed by him.

To expose their hidden illegal secrets to us all,
So we can decide who should stay, go to jail or who should fall,
With set-date elections, recall and referendums in place,
Maybe turn things around and not have to endure this disgrace.

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