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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - It#s Canadians who are to Blame

It#s Canadians who are to Blame


James Bredin

Never underestimate an arrogant Liberal despot,
Evidence that has turned the Adscam into a hotspot,
They’re going to form a commission to put things right,
Appoint a friendly commissioner in the dark of night.

They say the real enemy is separatists in Quebec,
So they misplaced a few billion but that’s not much if you check,
They have moral duty to govern forever, they claim,
And if something goes wrong they can’t take the blame.

And same-sex stuff and Kyoto is the only way to go,
Maybe teach it in the schools so the kids will all know,
They’ll increase foreign aid to nearly one per cent of GDP,
We’ll feel good about our taxes, this they’ll guarantee.

Chretien refused to touch his Charter or Constitution,
Went for Kyoto instead because of pollution,
And what’s an annual scandal just between friends?
That’s the way Ottawa runs with these Liberal trends.

How could you come to think that they are to blame?
Corruption and status quo held us together just the same,
And disgraced politicians might not mean that much,
It’s Canadians who are to blame for being out of touch.

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