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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Is this the UN Death Knell?

Is this the UN Death Knell?


James Bredin

Are we watching the death knell of the United Nations now?
Like the League of Nations to the dustbin of history somehow.
Are we mere observers of events that take place in our times?
Where organized dictatorships dominate sometimes.

The UN still claims international socialist status,
Though they may soon need help of a breathing apparatus,
They claim to fix human rights, ethnic cleansing and stop all wars,
Though Kojo’s oil-for-food scandal sometimes underscores.

Refused to go to war with Saddam because he was a friend,
We didn’t know about Kojo then so we didn’t comprehend.
Cloaked their agenda in the guise of human rights,
Pious pompous propaganda but don’t turn on the lights.

Their conference in Durban, four days before 9/11,
On racism and xenophobia in their seventh heaven,
They wanted to extort billions from developed nations,
For historical slavery so send those big donations.

Both Israel and the US at the conferences, walked out,
Because they could see what this organization was about,
Then the UN blamed Israel for trying to build a wall,
To keep suicide bombers out so Israelis wouldn’t fall.

They wrote their Earth Charter for complete UN domination,
Through the International Court and Kyoto formation,
All armies and guns will be transferred to UN command,
Agenda to be taught in the schools and we’ll think it’s grand.

They want to reform now that the writing is on the wall,
Their socialist and Kojo’s antics might cause their downfall,
They claim they’re going to reform this September,
Where their despot tin pot dictators vote - every last member.

Bold as brass, they demand a percentage of our GDP,
Our socialist politicians love it and they all agree,
I suggest the UN be replaced by a new League of Lands,
Democracies where tin pot dictators do not have a hand.

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